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research the competition

Are you taking the time to research the competition? Do you know whether or not prospects and customers can tell the difference between you and others in your space? Check out these selected articles and tools from around the web to help you kickstart your competitive analysis…(Read More)

influencer marketing

One of the best ways that you can build trust with your prospects, leads, and customers is to engage in influencer marketing. This type of marketing initiative (sometimes referred to as brand advocacy or brand ambassador programs) is the strategic selection and involvement of influential individuals in your field or industry who can help garner…(Read More)

influencer marketing

If you want to break through the digital chaos your customers face these days, you need to consider building your influencer marketing program. This may mean building relationships with influencers informally, or you could pursue a formal brand ambassador program that includes both influencers outside your company as well as influential employees. I’ve compiled…(Read More)

social media trends for 2016

I’ve harped on it before, as you know from my prior blog posts on the growth of social media, but I figure it would be nice to share another voice on the topic of social media marketing and social technology in business: Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes. Check out this quote from his recent article…(Read More)

social media marketing

As social media platforms have matured, the ability for brands to easily reach prospects and create customer communities evolved. As you all know, the Wild West days when it was easy to reach thousands of customers for free are over, but that’s not to say there are no longer opportunities and benefits to social…(Read More)

Your blog is published. You’re writing content and promoting it. Is it working? The only what to know is to create a measurement plan and implement an analytics tool or marketing automation platform.  Use your data to refine your blog traffic strategy and make blogging improvements. There are several different programs to choose from…(Read More)

Big Rock Content

If you’re a marketer in a small or medium-sized business, you probably have a small staff. It may even be just you. The challenge to churn out content – even in a large organization – can be downright difficult.  But there’s an easier way to keep new content creation flowing. It’s all about…(Read More)