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Small to mid-sized businesses have many employees that wear different hats. Being responsible for multiple jobs can sometimes make you feel like you’re drowning. Social media management is typically one of those hats that someone wears that they may not have a lot of time for. So, here’s a little tip to…(Read More)

influencer marketing

If you want to break through the digital chaos your customers face these days, you need to consider building your influencer marketing program. This may mean building relationships with influencers informally, or you could pursue a formal brand ambassador program that includes both influencers outside your company as well as influential employees. I’ve compiled…(Read More)

Well, it’s Friday and April Fools’ Day…but we aren’t playing any jokes! These are some of our favorite articles we found this week! Anchor Your Content Strategy to a Big Rock (crescendo) Build a Big Rock Content Strategy | Content Marketing PyramidContent marketing can seem overwhelming when you are a solo marketer or…(Read More)

Are You Prepared for the Potential Changes to Social Media in 2016? Don’t let changes to social media sneak up on you! Check out this post from Marketing Land and learn more about the five major changes that Timothy Carter has identified as ones to watch. He covers organic reach via social, audience targeting…(Read More)

Is video part of your content marketing efforts? More importantly, is video content on YouTube part of your content marketing efforts? If not, you should consider the benefits YouTube offers. Most people do not realize the benefits it can bring to their businesses.  If you’re not promoting your business and sharing informational and educational…(Read More)

social media trends for 2016

I’ve harped on it before, as you know from my prior blog posts on the growth of social media, but I figure it would be nice to share another voice on the topic of social media marketing and social technology in business: Hootsuite CEO, Ryan Holmes. Check out this quote from his recent article…(Read More)

Coupofy shares real-time stats on social media

Have you ever wondered just how many people are active on social media at any given second? Are you thinking, “just how many new posts ARE created per minute?” If so, you’re in luck! Check out Coupofy’s dynamic infographic that updates activity on social media in real time. This might give you some…(Read More)

adults using social media

For the holdouts among you, now hear this: social media usage has increased tenfold among adults over the past ten years. That’s right: 65% of adults now use social media (source: Pew Research Center) That’s a big deal. Chances are — even in B2B marketing scenarios — your customers are participating in social media. Are…(Read More)

social media marketing

Why Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Blog? Social media can be a great traffic driver for your blog. After all, reports that over 52% of all online adults use multiple social media platforms. People all over social media are following the brands, thought leaders, celebrities and news sources they love…(Read More)