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Well, it’s Friday and April Fools’ Day…but we aren’t playing any jokes! These are some of our favorite articles we found this week! Anchor Your Content Strategy to a Big Rock (crescendo) Build a Big Rock Content Strategy | Content Marketing PyramidContent marketing can seem overwhelming when you are a solo marketer or…(Read More)

Your blog is published. You’re writing content and promoting it. Is it working? The only what to know is to create a measurement plan and implement an analytics tool or marketing automation platform.  Use your data to refine your blog traffic strategy and make blogging improvements. There are several different programs to choose from…(Read More)


SEO for your blog includes things you do both on and off your blog to bring traffic to it via a search engine. Some of the traffic techniques we’ve discussed in earlier posts have focused on “off-page SEO.” In the case of guest blogging, for example, we discussed the potential for an inbound…(Read More)

Mobile search

Remember all the “Mobilegeddon” hoopla earlier this year? If not, here’s a reminder . . . . Back in April 2015, Google set a deadline of April 21 for website owners to have their sites mobile-optimized. As reported by on May 7, 2015, the initial impact on non-optimized sites didn’t seem so bad…(Read More)

The phrase “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail,” applies just as well to SEO as anything else in life. Here’s how to make sure you’re planning and budgeting for SEO starts out on the right foot.Source: www.forbes.comBefore you start interviewing agencies to help you improve your organic…(Read More)

Google Panda Update

Did Panda 4.0 eat your site for breakfast? Panda photo credit: Panda 4.0 . . . the bear of an algorithm is back to attack! <insert dramatic music> OK — it’s likely not that dramatic for most sites, but the panic over it is understood.  After all, the…(Read More)