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qualified leads

Lead tracking is a vital function of the sales & marketing department.  Marketing typically spends a lot of time and money driving prospects to their websites in an effort to convert them to customers.  There are various ways they drive traffic to the site: email campaigns, direct mailing, social media, content creation, ads, etc.  There…(Read More)

marketing technology management

Top salespeople and entrepreneurs know about trigger events. They are those events and behaviors that signify sales opportunities. The types of trigger events that salespeople watch for include both external and internal events such as: A new company direction (internal) Mergers and acquisitions (internal) Eco-friendly initiatives (internal) Layoffs or rapid growth (internal) Industry regulations…(Read More)

sales and marketing alignment

  It’s important to understand how Sales & Marketing alignment can, and should, create a seamless buying experience for your customers. Source: You’ve heard on this site — and many others — that highly-aligned sales & marketing teams achieve an average of 32% year-over-year revenue growth. So, how do…(Read More)

email marketing, lead generation

Creating a shorter sales message increases your sales pipeline and makes opportunities easier to close. Source: As an entrepreneur or small business owner, it’s vitally important that you take actions that drive leads and conversions. One of the most effective tools you can use is email — if you have your messaging…(Read More)

marketing ideas

Recently, I attended a webinar presented by Doug Kessler titled Insane Honesty in Content Marketing. If you’re not familiar with Doug Kessler, he’s one of the co-founders of Velocity Partners, a content marketing agency based in the UK. Velocity consistently publishes great resources regarding content marketing, and this webinar is a must…(Read More)

entrepreneurs must be good salespeople

  Business builders who are effective Promoters represent the face and voice of their companies. They champion their enterprise and endorse what it stands for at every opportunity. Source: If you want to be a highly successful entrepreneur, you need to hone your sales skills. As David Ogilvy, “The Father of Advertising…(Read More)

drive blog traffic with social media

As 2014 winds down, salespeople and managers should look at what tech tools are going to be most important the year to come. Source: I don’t plan on rehashing Jamie Shanks’ full post, but I do want to home in on one point he makes in his post on “10 Things…(Read More)

marketing ideas

Old School is getting to work early, setting yourself up for success, and hitting the ground running. Old School is treating people with courtesy and decency. Old School is being polite. It’s not i… Source: Working with different clients to find great content to share and curate on social media leads me…(Read More)