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Ever had a situation where you had an excellent idea, but maybe it didn’t get executed properly? Yeah, we’ve all had those experiences at some point in our life — personally and professionally. An email marketing campaign with a high email bounce rate is one of those situations where execution gets in the way…(Read More)

Is video part of your content marketing efforts? More importantly, is video content on YouTube part of your content marketing efforts? If not, you should consider the benefits YouTube offers. Most people do not realize the benefits it can bring to their businesses.  If you’re not promoting your business and sharing informational and educational…(Read More)

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Are you concerned about generating more blog content? It’s the thing to do, right? Create great content on a routine basis. That approach has worked for many content marketers in the past, but it’s time to think promote blog content more often, too. Consider this statistic from a 2015 MarketingProfs article: there are…(Read More)

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Publish a Podcast Did you know that 33% of Americans age 12 and older have reported listening to at least one podcast? Last fall, podcasting saw a new milestone: the podcast Serial became the fastest podcast to reach 5 million streams or downloads in iTunes history. (source: Podcasting: Fact Sheet) Needless to say, podcasting is…(Read More)


SEO for your blog includes things you do both on and off your blog to bring traffic to it via a search engine. Some of the traffic techniques we’ve discussed in earlier posts have focused on “off-page SEO.” In the case of guest blogging, for example, we discussed the potential for an inbound…(Read More)

The most important thing is to make your social media pages a place where your customers want to be. Here are ten tips to help you do just that!Source: stacyljackson.comI recently posted this on my digital marketing blog. I outline ten ways to drive traffic to and engagement with your social media profiles…(Read More)

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Are you looking for ways to quickly and easily improve your social media management and marketing? Here are my top ten time-saving tips for your social media marketing efforts. 1. Use to add a call to action to every social share. is one of my favorite recent finds. Social media…(Read More)