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If you are up on the latest statistics about the impact of blogging on lead generation, you likely know what a great source of traffic and leads your blog can be for your business.  As InsideView points out, “B2B marketers who use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that do not.” (reference: And, Hubspot notes, “On average, companies that blog receive 434% more indexed pages.” (reference:   So, taking time to develop and work on your blog are obviously keys to online marketing success.

But, it ain’t easy!

There’s no question about it – blogging takes time. If you’re a small business owner or marketing manager with a daily to-do list as long as your arm, you may feel overwhelmed by the challenge of maintaining a weekly or daily blog routine. However, it might be your day’s most important task in terms of awareness and lead generation.  As a consultant who helps other businesses write blog posts, I know what how valuable good blog posts can be.  Their ranking for keywords improves, their visits go up, and online lead generation increases.  So don’t skip this critical item on your to-do list!  Try these tips to take some of the burden out of blogging to make it fun, energizing, and creative.

Pick Your Best Writing Times

time managementWhen do you feel most creative or motivated?  Everyone has that sweet spot in his or her day – a time of day where ideas flow a bit more easily.  Maybe you’re a morning person.  If you’re best ideas come at the moment you wake up, keep a notebook beside your bed to jot down those bursts of inspiration then head to your computer to knock them out for posting to your blog.   Maybe you’re a night owl?  Use the evening hours to work on your posts.  Simply set aside time each day during your most productive periods, and work on your posts.  Strike while the iron is hot.

Create a Library of Posts & Scheduled Them

Try to devote an afternoon or whole day to creating your blog posts.  Try writing and loading draft posts – you can even use an editorial calendar plugin with WordPress to schedule them out. Writing every day can be tough – even during your most creative and productive periods.  There may be days when you just don’t feel like writing, or when other emergencies come up.  That’s when having a backlog of posts can be useful.  You can either have them on hand for those emergencies and dry spells, or you can schedule them out for the next few days or weeks.  Just be flexible enough to let yourself write up new posts to add to your line up if there is timely news you’d like to comment on or share with your readers.

Develop an Idea List

mobile listEvery great post idea may not develop immediately into a post.  For those spur of the moment thoughts or inspirations, start an idea list.  You can go old school and get a little notebook and pen to carry with you. Or use a notes application on your phone or tablet. A great idea can strike anywhere.  It could be when you’re at work, out walking around somewhere, or even going to sleep at night. Start a “Blog Ideas” Lists and just keep adding to it. Next time you have writer’s block, refer to your handy idea list and pick a topic that strikes your fancy.

Create a Calendar

Another great way to ensure your blog resonates with readers is to create a calendar around key industry events or major holidays/events.  People will already be talking about and searching for information pertaining to these dates, so why not take advantage of the built-in interest?  Plus, a yearly event means there is likely other information out there for you to read and build upon in your own blog posts.

Read & Research to Get Ideas

marketing ideasOther writers and sites can be great resources to jumpstart your next post.  Bookmark some sites that are important to your readers or your industry.  Great types of sites to check are forums, question and answer sites, article directories, social media sites, and other blogs. Check out what people are talking about. Each question or comment you read can be the inspiration for your next post – and you can use a thoughtful comment with a link to your post to add to the conversation.

Consider Outsourcing

About UsHire someone like me work with you to write your blog posts!  When you work with a consultant or agency to support your blogging efforts, you can engage them as coaches & editors who help you finesse your own posts; or, you can hire them to write your content for you.  When you outsource your efforts, just be sure to outline expectations up front, and communicate often to ensure your needs and expectations are being met.

Ready to Blog?

These tips can help you get on track to handling and improving the frequency and consistency of your blogging efforts.  If you are a busy business owner or marketing manager who needs help jumpstarting your blog, contact us!

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