Best Features You Aren’t Using on Your Social Media Sites

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OK. Maybe I’m being a little bold by stating that you are not are using these nifty social media platform features. You probably are. I am primarily talking to that other guy over there — you know how he is. <sheesh>

You, on the other hand, can skim through this well-intentioned blog post and pick out the parts that are relevant to you and your level of social media familiarity.  In the comments section, feel free to add your favorite features that you think people are not using enough to make their social media efforts more productive and efficient.

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3 LinkedIn Features That Don’t Get Enough Love

LinkedIn company page targeted updates

Did you know that you can target specific audiences when creating a company page update? If you want to target specific people or groups who are following your brand page, just add your update and click the drop down by the Share button. From there you can target your page followers by various criteria. If you don’t have a ton of page followers, it may not be incredibly useful — your update has to target at least 100 followers. If you do have more than 100 followers, try out this neat feature.

targeted LinkedIn updates

Saved searches

If you perform sales, recruit new hires, or manage your brand’s online community, LinkedIn’s saved searches feature can help you stay on the lookout for new people to connect with for sales, job openings, and more.

Just conduct a search, and click “Save search” to save your criteria. In this example, I’ve decided that I want to keep track of all my 2nd Connections and Group Members who work in the biotechnology industry — I could add other criteria such as title, region, and more. This could be a way for me to keep up with people I want to invite to join a LinkedIn group if I were managing one for a biotechnology customer. If I were in biotechnology sales, this would be a way to lookout for new prospects.

saved searches on LinkedIn

After I click “Save search,” I can set my alerts to receive an email weekly, monthly, or never. You can always visit the search page and access your saved searches by clicking the little cog.

saved search

Get Introduced

Is there anybody on LinkedIn that you would really like to connect with, but you just don’t want to come in with a cold connection request or cold InMail? That’s the perfect time to look into the opportunity to use “Get Introduced.”

Visit the person’s profile . . .

get introduced - LinkedIn

or conduct a search for prospective customers/hiring managers/employees.

get introduced - LinkedIn

After clicking “Get Introduced,” you will be taken to a page where you can select the person in your network that can give you the introduction. Just fill out the email with reasons why you want the introduction and click send.

Request introduction - LinkedIn

3 Facebook Features That Businesses Don’t Use Enough

Power Editor

Have you ever seen a Facebook page post that has a little call-to-action button on it? How did that get there? Easy: the page admin used Power Editor.

As you can see in the example below, there are even more differences between a normal page post and one created with Power Editor.

Facebook Power Editor

On the left: normal Facebook page post. On the right: a page post created with Facebook Power Editor.

With Power Editor, you can specify a specific description, call-to-action text, and more.

Facebook PowerEditor

To learn more about Facebook’s Power Editor, visit Getting Started with Power Editor.

Call to Action Button

Have you noticed that some pages have a little call-to-action (CTA) button on their cover photo . . . .

Facebook CTA Button

while others don’t.

no call to action button

To set up your CTA button, go to the page you have admin rights for and click the Create Call to Action button.

create CTA

Then you can select the CTA you want to use and fill in the URL where the button should take your user.

setup a CTA


The Events option in Facebook is another often underutilized feature. You can use this to promote webinars, events at trade shows, in-store events, and more.

To create an event, you can quickly get started by clicking the “Offer, Event +” link.

create event

Next, you will see this screen. Fill out the major details. My example here is for a webinar.

event details

After I clicked create, I get to add a fun cover photo and any other updates or details I want to make. You can now promote your event page and get people talking about your event Facebook.

3 Twitter Features That Get Overlooked

Twitter lists

Twitter lists — one of my favorite features on Twitter. For the uninitiated, it just seems like, well . . . a list. Big whoop, right? Wrong! Twitter lists make it easier to keep tabs on your favorite people, a specific industry, your customers, your competitors, and more. Rather than write up how to set up a list, I’d like to refer you to this post I wrote last year. It not only covers how to set up lists — it gives you great ideas on ways to use your Twitter lists.


Twitter Cards

Twitter cards aren’t actually something you manually put on Twitter yourself — it’s all about placing the right code on your website or blog page so that when someone tweets your link, it adds extra information and an image. Here’s an example of what a Twitter card looks like from this site:

Here’s where you can learn more about setting up Twitter Cards on your website:

Embedded Tweets

See what I did above in my example on Twitter cards? I embedded a tweet here on my website. To embed a tweet, just click the little ellipsis button and then click embed. You will copy the resulting embed code and paste it into your blog or website, and you get a great piece of content to share in your story.

how to embed a tweet


These are just a few of my favorite features that don’t always get a lot of recognition and use. Are you using these in your social media efforts?

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