10 Quick & Easy Social Media Tips

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Are you looking for ways to quickly and easily improve your social media management and marketing? Here are my top ten time-saving tips for your social media marketing efforts.

1. Use Snip.ly to add a call to action to every social share.

Snip.ly is one of my favorite recent finds. Social media is all about sharing and creating a community. That means doing more than talking about your brand. However, the marketer in you would probably love to have some sort of call to action associated with every link you share — even when it’s not a link back to your own site. With Snip.ly, that’s possible! Here is a screen shot of Snip.ly in action.

add a call to action to every tweet

In the example above, I tweeted out a link about a local marketing event. With Snip.ly when someone clicks my link, a call to action for my business is included at the bottom of the resulting screen. Snip.ly has free and paid plans.

2. Leverage Scoop.it to up your content curation game.

Scoop.it is a great tool to help you curate content. It can serve as a hub where you share great content for a specific industry, around a certain problem/issue, or any other way you want to organize content to draw the attention of your prospects and customers. Scoop.it has a free plan and paid plans. We use Scoop.it Business. It allows us to have more control over the look and feel of our topic pages, and we can even directly incorporate topic pages into our WordPress blog. This can be a huge time-saver if you don’t have time to write a lot of blogs each week. Scoop.it helps you share great content where you incorporate your own feedback and expertise. Check it out!

3. Experiment with social media network ads.

As you may have read in my recent post, “Have You Adjusted Your Social Media Approach for 2015,” it is probably worth your time and effort to look into advertising on social media networks. Organic (unpaid) reach on Facebook has plummeted over the past few years, and community managers can expect to reach even fewer people (maybe even 0) in the future. The fix is advertising on Facebook. Whether you want to build your fans and visits to your Facebook brand page or drive traffic to your website, Facebook has affordable advertising that allows you to target your audience by various criteria.

Twitter is another place to test the waters with advertising. It is true that the cost per click is can run higher on a Twitter campaign than that of Facebook, the click through rate is also much higher — 8 to 24 times higher than that of Facebook ads. Additionally, Twitter ads have been reported to boost offline sales by as much as 29% according to Hubspot.

A third social media network where you may want to advertise is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great place to reach business buyers, so it makes perfect sense for B2B marketers to test the waters. My personal experience with LinkedIn is that the cost per click runs higher than those of both Facebook and Twitter. However, you may reach a more appropriate audience here if yours is a B2B organization.

4. Increase engagement on Twitter with photos and videos.

According to Dan Zarella, tweets with photos are 94% more likely to be retweeted (when the photo is visible in the Twitter stream). The easiest way to ensure your photo shows up in the Twitter stream is to either use your Twitter app on your phone or tablet, or go straight to Twitter to post your photo. If you are a Hootsuite Pro or Enterprise user, you can ensure your photos show up in your Twitter stream (no click required to see the photo) by applying pic.twitter.com as your image upload service (learn more at http://blog.hootsuite.com/pic-twitter-publishing-option/). [Disclosure — we are a Hootsuite Solution Partner, and I am a Hootsuite Brand Ambassador volunteer]

Want to get video to show up in your Twitter stream? It’s now as easy as loading the Twitter app to your iPhone or Android phone and sharing your videos. Check out the details here: https://about.twitter.com/videos-on-twitter.

5. Use Klout to find new followers.

While I don’t put a ton of stock into what a person’s or brand’s Klout score means, I do like how Klout can help you connect to new people. Just log into Klout and check out the list of Daily Suggestions Klout provides based on your profile and things you typically post about. Here’s a screen shot to show you how it works.

Klout suggestions


6. Create Twitter lists.

Twitter lists are an incredible way to organize your contacts (or prospects, competitors, etc.). If you aren’t using lists as a contact organization feature, you are missing out on some efficiency and productivity gains. Developing your lists takes time, but it doesn’t have to be done overnight. To learn more about the value of Twitter lists and the control it can give you over listening to and engaging with the right users at the right time, check out this post on LinkedIn. There are several examples of how to make Twitter lists work for you.

7. Drive more traffic with StumbleUpon.

StumbleUpon is probably one of the best kept secrets when it comes to social content curation and social bookmarking. On some blogs I manage, I have seen StumbleUpon drive over 20,000 pageviews in a single day. StumbleUpon is a community of people who share pages they like. Other viewers (aka, stumblers) are presented with those shares and can give them a “thumbs up” or a “thumbs down.” The more popular a “stumble” is, the more it gets presented to fellow “stumblers.”  In addition to the free service that anyone can use, StumbleUpon offers a paid service where you can pay to promote your “stumble” to other users in targeted categories.

8. Make lists to share on social with List.ly.

If you like making lists, List.ly may be just the tool for you! List.ly lets you curate content in the form of lists. These lists can then be shared via social media or embedded in your blog post or web page. However, you can make your lists more than just a static list. List.ly users can allow readers to vote links up or down, add their own links to a list, and more.

Here’s an example of how you can embed lists. I chose the badge version so I don’t take up too much space in this post; however, you can embed as a list, a magazine, and more.

9. Include keywords in your posts — but in a way that is natural.

Don’t keyword stuff your posts, but talk about your area of expertise in terms that your prospects would use. Coining your own terms or using company jargon won’t be as effective as using plain English or industry-standard verbiage. Think about how you would search for your company if you didn’t know anything about it. What words would you use? Those are ones to consider in your social media and blog posts.

10. Use meta tags to create better posts from your website or blog.

If you haven’t started using Twitter Cards or Rich Pins for Pinterest, it’s time to get started. If you aren’t comfortable with working with putting meta tags on your website, you may want to enlist a little help from your IT team (or us!). If you are able to add the tags, generating them is very easy. For Twitter Cards, visit https://dev.twitter.com/cards/overview. For Pinterest Rich Pins, check out https://developers.pinterest.com/rich_pins_overview.

When you use Twitter Card and Rich Pin meta tags on your site, you will ensure that tweets and pins from your site include more data about the product, post, or image.

Here is an example of a Twitter Card in action. In addition to my tweet, the card includes a photo and a snippet from the post.

Here is a photo showing a Pinterest card in action. This is one from our site — it provides additional information about the post the image is related to; however, you can create product pins that give price; recipe pins that include the recipe; movie pins, and more.

pinterest rich pin example

What Are Your Favorite Social Media Tips?

What are your favorite quick and easy tips? Have you implemented any of these in your efforts? If you need help getting started or improving your social media efforts, contact us for a consultation!

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