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Jim Howell


“They deliver results, this is what matters. Jackson Marketing Services can wrap their services around your ideas and plan—then execute. Better Yet? They can show you measurable results along the way. Put them on your side!”

Ken Murray


“I strongly recommend Jackson Marketing Services for their collective expertise in social media marketing, SEO and the management of social medial platforms. The dynamic duo of Stacy, Alanna and the team at Jackson Marketing Services has the clear insight that social media alone for businesses is not enough. They clearly understand that businesses like ours need ROI and that we want and expect social media to be part of overall lead generation. . . ."

Vance Wood


“A great team! Designed a custom solution for our lead generation program. Asked great questions that really made us understand the product and its benefits and allowed them to design a perfect solution for us. Proactive to every part of the process and always delivering more than promised. I appreciate all of their work and hope to have the opportunity to work with them in the future. Many thanks!”

Jim Howell
Ken Murray
Vance Wood
10 Quick & Easy Social Media Tips

10 Quick & Easy Social Media Tips

Are you looking for ways to quickly and easily improve your social media management and marketing? Here are my top ten time-saving tips for your social media marketing efforts. 1. Use to add a call to action to every social share. is one of my favorite recent finds. Social media is all about…Continue Reading

Have You Adjusted Your Social Media Approach for 2015?

The glory days of free reach on Facebook are behind us. It’s time to rethink your approach to Facebook and broaden your social media marketing approach. Source: It’s 2015. The good old days of free reach on Facebook are over. The days of depending solely on Facebook are over. Check out this post to…Continue Reading

Tweets Will Begin Showing Up in Google Search Results

Tweets Will Begin Showing Up in Google Search Results

Twitter Inc. has struck a deal with Google Inc. to make its 140-character updates more searchable online.”


You may remember my post from Sunday outlining the need to think beyond Facebook for your social media marketing. Here is another reason why you need to start looking at Twitter: tweets will begin showing up in Google’s search results in real time. As soon as a tweet goes live, it can begin showing in search results on Google. 

So, what do you need to start considering as updates to your Twitter strategy?

  • When posting your own content, use relevant keywords in your tweet. Sometimes we take for granted that our audience follows us because they know what we do. So maybe we don’t always use search terms. With this new arrangement, your tweets will potentially reach people who aren’t even logged into Twitter.
  • When sharing other people’s content, try a service like that adds a call to action for your website at the bottom of the shared page. Here’s a screen shot of what can add to your shared links to other people’s sites.
  • Comment and share your opinion or advice on timely topics, as appropriate. That will be a trending search term on Google if it’s timely.

Are you excited about this new arrangement? What other changes are you considering?

Continue Reading

Have You Adjusted Your Social Media Approach for 2015?

Have You Adjusted Your Social Media Approach for 2015?

Last month, Pew Research Center released its Social Media Update 2014 reporting findings from a survey conducted in September 2014. The survey confirms the rumors you may have heard about the slowing user growth of Facebook; however, it does reveal that engagement on Facebook continues to increase. Other significant updates include information about the increased participation among online…Continue Reading

Why Marketers Don’t Understand Marketing Automation

Not only are marketing professionals not investing in marketing automation technology, nearly half of them don’t even know what it is, according to a recent survey. Source: Yes, I’m on a marketing automation kick today. I take for granted, I guess, that everyone is as nerdy as I am. I love technology. I love…Continue Reading

Don’t Fear Marketing Automation

Change is hard and the thought of having to learn new technology can be scary. That’s probably why marketing automation software only has a 16% adoption rate among North American B2B companies. (source: AdAge May 27, 2014) Some industries, of course, are ahead of the curve. Technology firms have a 65% adoption rate while finance,…Continue Reading

Get Started With Pinterest

Get Started With Pinterest

You are probably already aware of Pinterest, but maybe you don’t fully understand the potential it has for your business. According to Pew Research Center in its Social Media Update 2014 report (posted 1/9/2015), 28% of online adults are now using Pinterest. Other key Pinterest stats covered in the report include: 42% of online women are…Continue Reading

Social Listening and How to Create Brand Awareness

Social listening is easier than ever with the various sites on the internet.  It’s easy to find people asking questions, commenting, sharing content, and giving opinions.  There are numerous websites that allow people to discuss all kinds of topics, which creates a goldmine of opportunity for marketers.  The key is to find out where your…Continue Reading

New Year’s Resolution: Sales & Marketing Alignment

It’s important to understand how Sales & Marketing alignment can, and should, create a seamless buying experience for your customers. Source: You’ve heard on this site — and many others — that highly-aligned sales & marketing teams achieve an average of 32% year-over-year revenue growth. So, how do you get your teams aligned? David…Continue Reading

Happy Holidays!

Dear Clients, Friends, and Visitors, We hope you have a very wonderful holiday season and a happy new year! Enjoy our little snowman doing his year-end happy dance. We hope it brings you a little smile as you count down the days until 2015. Best Wishes, Jackson Marketing ServicesContinue Reading

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