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Inbound Marketing

Jackson Marketing Services helps B2B and consumer-oriented businesses create and execute inbound marketing strategies. From content marketing to SEO & PPC and marketing automation, we can help you improve your online reach. Share fresh, unique content with your customers! Learn more about our inbound marketing approach.

Projects & Consulting

Not everyone needs or is ready for a retainer-based relationship with an online marketing agency. If you are looking for project-based engagements or consulting and training, let Jackson Marketing Services supplement and support your existing sales & marketing team and efforts. Learn more about marketing projects and marketing consulting services.

Marketing Technology

With the increasing number of marketing technology options and solutions, things can get confusing. From outsourced marketing automation using our partner platform to implementing and administering other sales & marketing technologies, we have the know-how to help you succeed. Learn more about marketing technologist services

Businesses of all sizes have amazing opportunities to reach more potential customers than ever before! Jackson Marketing Services helps organizations like yours improve awareness, generate leads, and increase sales both on and offline – locally, nationally, or globally. Put our services to work for you and engage buyers during every stage of the buying process.

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Looking for Some B2B Digital Marketing Best Practices? Look Here!

Do you have a B2B digital marketing strategy in place?  If not, it’s critical to your business to be involved digitally in this world that is now dominated by technology.  I’m not saying abandon traditional marketing methods completely, just make sure to incorporate new technology in your overall marketing plan.If you’re B2B small business hasn’t…

Did Mobilegeddon Hurt Your Organic Traffic?

Remember all the “Mobilegeddon” hoopla earlier this year? If not, here’s a reminder . . . . Back in April 2015, Google set a deadline of April 21 for website owners to have their sites mobile-optimized. As reported by on May 7, 2015, the initial impact on non-optimized sites didn’t seem so bad: “We’re now a few…

Lead Tracking for Sales & Marketing

Lead tracking is a vital function of the sales & marketing department.  Marketing typically spends a lot of time and money driving prospects to their websites in an effort to convert them to customers.  There are various ways they drive traffic to the site: email campaigns, direct mailing, social media, content creation, ads, etc.  There…

Rev Up Sales Response with Marketing Automation

Top salespeople and entrepreneurs know about trigger events. They are those events and behaviors that signify sales opportunities. The types of trigger events that salespeople watch for include both external and internal events such as: A new company direction (internal) Mergers and acquisitions (internal) Eco-friendly initiatives (internal) Layoffs or rapid growth (internal) Industry regulations (external)…

Best Features You Aren’t Using on Your Social Media Sites

OK. Maybe I’m being a little bold by stating that you are not are using these nifty social media platform features. You probably are. I am primarily talking to that other guy over there — you know how he is. <sheesh> You, on the other hand, can skim through this well-intentioned blog post and pick…

Get People Visiting and Engaging with You on Social Media

The most important thing is to make your social media pages a place where your customers want to be. Here are ten tips to help you do just that!


I recently posted this on my digital marketing blog. I outline ten ways to drive traffic to and engagement with your social media profiles. Check it out!

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